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Looking for a group training experience that provides motivation, fun and fitness, AND will have you feeling like you’re ready to conquer anything? Our JWFNS Fitness Boot Camp program delivers eight 50-minute, high-energy sessions guaranteed to get you toned and feeling fit.

JWFNS Fitness Boot Camp is closed for the Fall & Winter. We will restart in APRIL 2015.
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  • 5- to 10-pound dumbells
  • yoga mat
  • plenty of water


Prior to your first session of boot camp, you are invited to attend our complimentary nutrition course to get you in the right nutritional frame of mind. Additionally, you’ll receive the Jim White Jump Start Journal and have your weight and measurements taken, enabling us to track your successes at the end of the eight-session boot camp.


Each 50-minute, intensive Fitness Boot Camp session will include an exercise program consisting of:

  • weight training
  • core training
  • jogging
  • sprints
  • calisthenics
  • plyometrics
  • interval training
  • obstacle course skills
  • everything needed to provide quick results!


Besides “Yes, sir. Thank you, sir. May I have another, sir?”
  • The JWFNS Boot Camp has given me more energy and more stamina, and I can't think of a better way to start the day. - James H.

  • I was quite anxious about being in a group and not being able to keep up. Much to my surprise, there were people there of all levels. The coaches gave great instruction and offered modifications for those who have limitations, and they showed advanced modifications for those who want to push a little harder. - Brenda W.

  • At first, I didn't know if I'd realistically be able to drag myself out of bed that early—never mind get my butt kicked! But after the first session of seeing the sun rise over the ocean (whilst getting my butt kicked), I was hooked. - Christine J.

  • The program is a must for anyone who needs motivation! There are all ages and fitness levels and the awesome coaches break us into groups of our choosing and vary the intensity so everyone has a comfort level. The oceanfront at sunrise is awesome, too! ~ Lisa C., Virginia Beach

  • I love watching the sunrise in the morning while working out! The JWFNS Boot Camp classes are motivating and fun at the same time. ~ Sara W., Virginia Beach


They love it when you moan and groan. That’s the icing on their Wheaties!


Where do I park at the oceanfront?

Where do I park at Town Point Park?

What if I do not feel advanced enough to be active in Fitness Boot Camp?

When will the nutrition course be held?

Where will the nutrition course take place?

Where do I park for the nutrition course?

Do we have to participate in the weigh-in, measurements, and before/after photo?

How do I pay for Fitness Boot Camp?

How many people will be in my session

How many sessions do I get for the month?

What do I need to bring to each session?

What can I achieve from Fitness Boot Camp?

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