Our nutrition programs provide education, recommendations and motivation.

Our Registered Dietitians are dedicated to help you transform your health and lifestyle.

Medical Nutrition Therapy

All nutrition programs are individually customized based on your needs and health goals.

Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) is a therapeutic approach to preventing or treating certain chronic conditions and health issues through an individually-tailored nutrition plan.

Your MNT nutrition plan is developed by our Registered Dietitians and is based on your medical history, health condition, lifestyle and goals.

What we eat is an important part of our life. It affects how we feel, how our bodies heal, how our brains function, how we sleep, how we look, how we move… Knowing what you eat and how it impacts your life will empower you to make healthier choices and help you feel better.


Learn If Medical Nutrition Therapy is Right for You


If your insurance provider does not cover your nutrition program, we offer other options designed to help re-align your nutritional mindset and habits. Rest assured, you’ll have all the support you need.

Nutrition Support

Jump Start Nutrition Program

This program includes your initial assessment and consultation, nutrition education, meal planning and a 30-minute follow-up.

Follow-up Maintenance Program

This program includes 30-minute sessions to review, modify where necessary and answer your questions.

  • Our members experience positive, life-altering changes.

    Meet Maddie M..

    I battled every day with migraine headaches and needed an outlet to help me fix it. After years of seeing a neurologist, a friend recommended Jim White Fitness& Nutrition Studios. With the help of my trainer and dietitian, they developed a plan to aid me in reaching my goals and bettering my health. Choosing to […]

    Success Story Maddie
  • Our members experience positive, life-altering changes.

    Meet Patricia G..

    I was feeling miserable. My diabetes was out of control, I had a constant headache and was gaining weight. I tried to get back in control on my own but just couldn’t seem to do it. My whole life changed when I started working with my dietitian. With her help, I have lost over 25 […]

    Success Story Patricia
  • Our members experience positive, life-altering changes.

    Meet Katherine G.

    I have struggled with food and dieting all of my life. I tried every diet out there but with no lasting results. Over the years, I developed bad habits and used food as a source of comfort during stressful times. I never seemed to be able to gain any control, which enhanced feelings of never […]

    Success Story Katherine
  • Our members experience positive, life-altering changes.

    Meet Cindy A.

    In 2004 I started running in races, going from being a terrible runner to a middle-of-the-pack race walker. I raced all over the country, completing several Ultras, with my longest distance being 50 miles. In 2018, I learned I have a genetic condition with my feet which made race walking extremely painful. My racewalking days […]

    Success Story Cindy A

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