Getting really, truly fit is a purposeful way of living.

Our number one goal is to help you make lifestyle changes that last. We consider ourselves partners in your health.

Fitness Coach & Registered Dietitian


We take a team approach with consistent communication among your Fitness Coach, Registered Dietitian, and you. Each team member is credentialed by the top certifying organization in his or her profession, specializing in weight loss, athletic training, sports nutrition, disease prevention, youth fitness, and much more. With our extensive experience, we will design a fitness and nutrition program that will help you achieve your goals.

Our experienced team and training will help you get really, truly fit.

Healthy Nutrition Programs


Most of your results will come from a tailored nutritional program. At JWFNS, we offer more than just a consultation in an office, but personalized grocery store tours, cupboard clean-outs, nutrition boot camps, recipe rehabs, nutritional cooking classes, and much more. And our Registered Dietitians offer 24-hour support.

Healthy nutrition choices are what will help make you really, truly fit.

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle


We believe establishing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is critical in achieving and maintaining your fitness goals. We do not promote fitness fads, quick diet fixes, and we don’t sell any magic pills.

We focus on teaching healthy, long-lasting habits. As you begin to adopt these, you’ll see improvements in your energy levels, confidence, sleep habits, physique and overall health. Once you achieve your desired goals, we’ll teach you how to maintain these goals for life.

Your choices will determine how well you stay really, truly fit.

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