What you can expect

from your personal training experience.

step 1 conversation

Step 1
Initial Chat About Your Goals

We need to have a candid conversation about YOU and what success means to you.

Then we’ll design a program tailored to your needs and goals. We’ll discuss our personal training and nutrition programs and options, then place you with a Fitness Coach to create your schedule.


step 2 nutrition assessment

Step 2
Nutrition Assessment

Our Registered Dietitians will put together a custom nutrition and dietary plan just for you.

With your goals, likes, dislikes and lifestyle in mind, we will develop a plan that will actually work for you. We do not believe in “one-size-fits-all.”


step 3 fitness testing

Step 3
Fitness Testing

Your Fitness Coach will conduct a series of tests, at either our Virginia Beach or Norfolk studio, to determine your fitness level, as well as take body measurements.

We also include a complimentary InBody scale assessment that precisely measures your body fat and muscle mass. Your Fitness Coach will then develop your personalized in-studio and at-home workout program.


step 4 training

Step 4
Your Training Program

Now the fun begins!

We will tailor your workouts so they won’t burn you out, but keep you motivated to continue an active lifestyle. We offer plyometrics, circuit training, high-intensity interval training, cross training, cardio kickboxing… Just to name a few. Which one is right for you? Your Fitness Coach will help you make that decision.


step 5 interim assessment

Step 5
Interim Assessments

You’re on a roll with your nutrition and personal training… Now what?

Your Fitness Coach will keep you accountable so you stay on track to achieve your goals. We’ll monitor your progress with fitness tests and measurements taken about every six weeks.


step 6 see results

Step 6
Start Seeing Results

Stick to the nutrition and exercise plan and you’ll start seeing results.

Our goal is to help you get really, truly fit and we take our role very seriously.

  • Our members experience positive, life-altering changes.

    Meet Kera F..

    I reached out to Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studios last November to work with a Dietitian and I have been working with one ever since. This past year she has helped me reign in my nutrition while preparing for the Mrs. Virginia Pageant. I really have enjoyed our conversations and the advice she has […]

    Success Story Kera
  • Our members experience positive, life-altering changes.

    Meet Nisa C..

    The Jim White Fitness & Nutrition team kept me going during a really hard time in my life filled with an uneasy medical diagnosis, pain, and surgery. Jim White’s team helped me realize that my diagnosis did not define me, and I could achieve whatever I set my mind to. There were many days I […]

    Success Story Nisa
  • Our members experience positive, life-altering changes.

    Meet Dara G..

    So when I started on this journey of—I don’t want to call it weight loss, but a life change—I wasn’t sure what to expect. I just knew that I was going through a lot of changes in my life; my dad died, my boyfriend had dumped me, and I was just starting to exercise. And […]

    Success Story Dara
  • Our members experience positive, life-altering changes.

    Meet Lindsey H..

    Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studios has transformed my life—in more ways than one. I started training in October of 2020 and over the past 8 months, I have changed so much—both mentally and physically. I am the strongest and happiest I’ve ever been! There’s no better feeling than being proud of yourself each time […]

    Success Story Lindsey
  • Our members experience positive, life-altering changes.

    Meet Todd B..

    Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studios provides a culture of support and discipline to help you not only identify your goals, but to formulate a plan to succeed. This personalized approach is key to finding what will work best for your lifestyle and specific purpose. The ongoing support, motivation, and accountability has been a game […]

    Success Story Todd
  • Our members experience positive, life-altering changes.

    Meet Alona B..

    I began my journey with Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studios in January after seeing a friend so happy and satisfied with her own results. I had always struggled to push my limits when it came to working out, so I figured I would give it a try. During my time at JWFNS, I’m down […]

    Success Story Alona
  • Our members experience positive, life-altering changes.

    Meet Scott P..

    Working with Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studios has been a game changer for me. My trainers, along with my Dietitian, introduced a 75-day challenge where I was able to drop over 30 pounds and 10% body fat. Their coaching and genuine interest in my goals helped keep me going. After the challenge ended, they […]

    Success Story Scott
  • Our members experience positive, life-altering changes.

    Meet Casey M..

    Being with my Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studios family for almost a year has changed my life in a way I never thought it would. With unhealthy eating, low self esteem, and zero motivation, I was prepared to give up. Thanks to my trainer and my Dietitian (who are my dream team) who have […]

    Success Story Casey

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