Here’s what you can expect from your JWFNS experience.

We want to help you maximize your experience and manage your personal training expectations.

Schedule A Personal Training or Nutritional Consultation

Step 1 Schedule A Consultation

We need to have a candid conversation about YOU and what success means to you. Then we’ll design a program tailored to your needs and goals. We’ll discuss our personal training and nutrition programs and options, place you with a Fitness Coach to create your schedule.

Registered Dietitians complete a nutrition assessment

Step 2 Nutrition Assessment

Our Registered Dietitians will put together a custom nutrition and dietary plan just for you. With your goals, likes, dislikes and lifestyle in mind, we will develop a plan that will actually work for you. We do not believe in “one-size-fits-all.”

Test Your Fitness in Va. Beach or Norfolk

Step 3 Fitness Testing

On your first session at any one of our Virginia Beach or Norfolk locations, your Fitness Coach will conduct a series of tests to determine your fitness level, as well as take body measurements. Your Fitness Coach will then develop your personalized in-studio and at-home workout program.


  • With JWFNS’s steady guidance, motivation and four months of hard work, my weight dropped to 140 pounds, a 29-inch waist, and my body fat had dropped to 8.7 percent! ~ Brian, Virginia Beach

  • JWFNS unlocked the secret to healthy eating for me. By making a few tweaks in my food choices and eating five mini-meals per day instead of three large ones, I found that my junk food cravings went away. ~ Karen, Virginia Beach

  • The trainers at JWFNS tailored my nutrition plan to match my individual physical goals. My health should have always been my first priority — now, because of JWFNS’s help, I’m empowered to maintain a healthy, lifelong lifestyle. I have lost over 10 inches in body measurements and decreased my body fat to within an optimal range! ~Stephanie, Virginia Beach

Start Your Fitness Training

Step 4 Start Training

Now the fun begins! We will tailor your workouts so they won’t burn you out, but keep you motivated to continue an active lifestyle. We offer plyometrics, circuit training, high-intensity interval training, cross training, cardio kickboxing…just to name a few. Which one is right for you? Your JWFNS Fitness Coach will help you make that decision.

Fitness Accountability

Step 5 Interim Assessments

You’re on a roll with your nutrition and personal training…now what? Your Fitness Coach will keep you accountable so you stay on track for achieving your goals. We’ll track your progress with fitness tests and measurements taken about every six weeks.

Start Seeing Fitness Results

Step 6 Start Seeing Results

Stick to the nutrition and exercise plan and you’ll see results in no time. Our goal is to help you get really, truly fit and we take our role very seriously.

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