Get tailored fitness and nutrition programs designed to get you really, truly fit.

Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studios (JWFNS) is the premier personal training studio in South Hampton Roads, Virginia with three locations in Virginia Beach and Norfolk.


Our certified fitness and nutrition experts provide custom-tailored personal training programs for individuals and groups. In addition, we offer expert and personalized dietary advice, nutrition counseling and educational programs.

Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studios is RIGHT for you if:

✔ you are looking to improve your health, physical fitness and overall well-being.
✔ you are looking for expert advice and guidance on good nutrition.
✔ you are looking for expert help to fight disease and chronic health issues.

✔ you are having trouble achieving results from training on your own.
✔ you need help losing weight.
✔ you are looking for a personal trainer that “gets you”.

you are in the military and want to get into your best shape—maybe prepare for your PT test.
you are an athlete, student or adult, and looking to improve your stats.
you are getting married and want to look and feel spectacular on your wedding day.

All JWFNS fitness and nutrition programs are customized and tailored to YOU. No cookie-cutter workout routines or meal plans here.

Why should you become a member at JWFNS?

The Number One Reason to Join Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studios


Jim’s personal mission is to inspire others to have healthier and more fulfilling lives through proper exercise and nutrition. Not only has he created a program that proves itself time and time again, he’s assembled a stellar team that is just as passionate as he is.


The Number Two Reason to Join Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studios


We’re passionate about creating custom personal training and nutritional programs and educating our members about what it takes to be really, truly fit…now, and for a lifetime. We don’t just preach this philosophy, we practice it. Because it works.


The Number Three Reason to Join Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studios


All of our personal trainers and nutrition coaches are credentialed by the top certifying organizations in individual professions. Our trainers specialize in areas like weight loss, athletic training, sports nutrition, disease prevention, childhood and teenage fitness, and much more…and we’ll pair you with the right coach.


The Number Four Reason to Join Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studios


We will create a fitness program that’s right for you. Our expert Certified Personal Trainers and Registered Dietitians are ready to evaluate, train and motivate you through tailored programs from basic to advanced and for private to small groups. It’s all about helping you succeed!

Learn more about our:

The Number Five Reason to Join Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studios


Our members are excited about losing thousands of pounds, gaining confidence and energy, changing their medication routines, improving their lifestyles, their health, and their outlook. And we’re proud to have helped so many achieve so much right here in Virginia Beach and Norfolk.


The Number Six Reason to Join Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studios


We believe in giving back to our Hampton Roads community, making it healthier and stronger.

One effort we’re very proud of is our partnership with local Hampton Roads’ restaurants to create and offer healthy dining-out options. Perhaps you’ve seen us on your favorite menu?


We started the LIFT Fitness Foundation in an effort to make a contribution and a difference. Our LIFT program was designed to help motivate, energize and inspire others to believe in themselves while unleashing their full potential.



  • With JWFNS’s steady guidance, motivation and four months of hard work, my weight dropped to 140 pounds, a 29-inch waist, and my body fat had dropped to 8.7 percent! ~ Brian, Virginia Beach

  • JWFNS unlocked the secret to healthy eating for me. By making a few tweaks in my food choices and eating five mini-meals per day instead of three large ones, I found that my junk food cravings went away. ~ Karen, Virginia Beach

  • The trainers at JWFNS tailored my nutrition plan to match my individual physical goals. My health should have always been my first priority — now, because of JWFNS’s help, I’m empowered to maintain a healthy, lifelong lifestyle. I have lost over 10 inches in body measurements and decreased my body fat to within an optimal range! ~Stephanie, Virginia Beach

  • I now feel better than ever, weighing in around 176 pounds and continuing training for multiple future running events. Absent JWFNS’s team, nutritional guidelines, encouragement, and overall fitness/nutritional knowledge, I would never have reached my goal of being in the best shape of my life and finally seeing a true set of six-pack abs. ~ Mike, Virginia Beach

  • Nutrition counseling paired with strength and cardio training has gotten me in the best shape of my life. The nutrition counseling at JWFNS was not just another diet plan — it was a change in lifestyle. ~ Jason, Virginia Beach

  • JWFNS reintroduced me to competitive athletics through running, which I have found to be very fulfilling. Now that I am approaching my mid 40s, it is exciting to attain personal best times when 10 years ago I could not run up a flight of stairs.  ~ Carol, Virginia Beach

  • The dietitians gave me a meal plan, and after two months of hard work with my trainer, I lost 7 inches and 5 pounds. I started wearing a size two again, something I never thought would happen. ~ Robin, Virginia Beach

  • Prior to training with JWFNS, I had plateaued with my running and weight-training. With JWFNS, I’ve set personal records in several races, completed my first full marathon, shed several pounds of body fat, and rediscovered the fun in fitness and nutrition. ~ Rob, Virginia Beach

  • My friends at work and those I have not seen in a while are all so complimentary of the transformation they see in my body and often comment on my arms! I could not be more thrilled with the genuine encouragement and support I have received from the JWFNS team. ~Alyce, Virginia Beach

  • JWFNS is always here for me when I need a boost of encouragement or a push to be better. Thank you for all you have helped me achieve! ~ Nerea, Virgnia Beach

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