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Intern with the JWFNS Team!

You have the education and now it’s time to get the important practical experience that completes your academic preparation. Look to JWFNS for hands-on experience guaranteed to enhance your education and prepare you for a career in the health, nutrition and fitness field.

JWFNS has been taking Health education, Exercise Science and Dietetic interns from all over the country over the last decade. Our internship program is highly competitive and is tailored to the specific college curriculum received. Prior interns have experienced education in the following areas: community fitness, corporate wellness, job shadowing, meal planning, fitness event planning, fitness business, exercise program design, wellness marketing, public speaking, nutrition counseling, entrepreneurship and more. Many of our interns have gone on to work in the corporate fitness field, gyms and personal training studios, hospitals, PT clinics, food service facilities, military fitness centers, cruise ships, and other health and fitness fields.  Whether you are fulfilling your college internship requirement s or just want to volunteer to gain experience, JWFNS is your place for education, growth and career acceleration.

*Note: JWFNS only accepts interns that are in need of 150 or more hours. All potential intern applicants will be put through a competitive interview process before further consideration.


What we are looking for:

  • High-spirited and motivated individuals
  • A passion for fitness and nutrition
  • Interns that will take initiative and can work independently 
  • Strong work ethic 
  • Creativity and liveliness
  • Team player who is committed and has strong communication skills

What skills & tasks you can expect:

  • Marketing 
  • Administration
  • Business 
  • Nutrition education
  • Fitness training 
  • Organization and cleaning 
  • Researching
  • Job shadowing  

Application Steps:

  • Send us your resume.
  • Complete your information below.



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Take a look at what our past interns have to say:


"My experience as an intern at JWFNS has been extremely rewarding.  Jim and the entire staff really make you feel like you are a part of their team from the start.  I have learned so much about fitness and nutrition that I can carry on into my future career and personal life.  Just like the team gets people really truly fit, I feel like this internship has made me really truly ready for my future. Most interns count down the days for internships to be over, but I was truly sad to leave JWFNS. " - Kendall F.
"As a Culinary Nutrition Intern I was welcomed and immersed immediately in the Medical Nutrition Therapy Program at Jim White Fitness and Nutrition Studios! It has been an excellent collaboration and match for my degree and personal objectives. The diverse opportunities stretched me to gain confidence while I applied my knowledge working with individual clients to the broader community initiatives under the expert mentorship of the Registered Dietitians and staff at JWFNS. I am ready to launch into my career thanks to the support of Jim and his staff.  Thank you!" - Suzie T.
"Interning at Jim White Fitness and Nutrition Studios has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I’ve learned more than I could have anticipated and loved every minute of it. I was nervous going into the internship, because in the past I had shadowed a few Pharmacists and decided that was not the career path I wanted to take. I hoped the same thing would not happen during this internship, and I can say I want to be a Registered Dietitian now more than ever! Not only was I able to get many hours of shadowing Dietitians and Personal Trainers during my internship, but I was also able to help the Dietitians with projects such as doing research on the latest diet trends or making a list of healthy fast food options for patients. I also got the opportunity to help the community by working on updating the Restaurant Program, and even getting new restaurants to join, making the community a healthier place! Not only was the work enjoyable, but the staff at every studio was always so positive and fun, and I loved working with them every day! I also will have the opportunity to take an ACSM course to become a Certified Personal Trainer! This internship was truly inspiring, and I cannot wait to go out into the world and use the skills I gained from my experience." - Skye H.
"Working as a Nutrition Intern at Jim White Fitness and Nutrition Studios was one of the most amazing summers I have ever had! I learned so much by working closely with Jim and his entire team. As a college junior, working for Jim helped me see that I truly have a passion for health, fitness, and nutrition. I am now an ACE Certified Personal Trainer (a certification I took the exam for and passed while working for JWFNS) and a Dietetic Intern working towards becoming a Registered Dietitian. I can confidently say that because of JWFNS, I am not only ready for my professional career, but for whatever the future throws at me!" - Blake C.
“JWFNS internship opportunity was one of the most rewarding and hands on programs. The internship gave me a close look not only into the field of personal training and nutrition, but entrepreneurship. Jim frequently had me shadow his sessions, participate in his ACE certification course and work on projects that best fit my interests ranging from research to program development” - Kelsey K.
"Interning at Jim White Fitness and Nutrition Studios was an experience I am beyond grateful for. I was unsure if fitness and nutrition is what I wanted to focus on in school, but the experience was very hands on and helped me realize that fitness and nutrition are my passion. I am more than excited to take what I learned from this opportunity for my future endeavors. If it wasn’t for Jim and his team I don’t think I’d be on the path that I am. I truly am thankful for my internship with Jim and his team!" - Morgan W.
"In the summer of 2008 I started an internship journey that truly has shaped my life and led me to the career I have today. I was studying Nutrition/Dietetics at Texas A&M University and was told about a Registered Dietitian and gym owner that offered an internship opportunity in Virginia Beach. I arranged to spend the summer in Virginia Beach to take advantage of what became a life changing opportunity. I was able to learn a variety of topics such as health promotion, exercise testing, hands on health screening, program development, business aspects of the fitness world, fitness writing, research, and even worked with local and national media. I left feeling motivated each day and was able to see a difference. I discovered my own passion for fitness and was able to attend the JWFNS ACE CPT study course and became a Personal Trainer. I returned to finish up my degree in Dietetics and become a Diet Tech Registered, but my passion and heart was forever with the field of fitness and helping motivate others. I returned to school and worked as a personal trainer, group exercise instructor and nutrition coordinator. The flexible hours were perfect for a college student! I then graduated and returned back to work officially as a trainer for JWFNS. After a few years an opportunity arose to merge my passion of fitness and my love for the military and our service members. I took a position as an Afloat Fitness Specialist. I deployed with the Navy and was their coordinator of fitness equipment, programs and events on board the USS Harry S. Truman. Today I continue to work for the Navy as a Fitness & Sports Director at Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA. I continue to teach classes and love my job in the field of fitness. Since my internship with Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studios I can honestly say each job I’ve taken since then I really love what I do! I give credit to Jim and his team for introducing me to the world of fitness, helping educate, motivate and create lifelong lasting professional relationships and friendships that have guided me to a career I love." - Marley O.

"Interning at Jim White Fitness and Nutrition Studios has been one of the best opportunities of my life. I was able to get hands on experience throughout the entire internship. Jim and the staff were always willing to let me shadow and actually be a part in leading some of the workouts. Not only did I get to be a part of the studio things, I also got to help out with the community events that JWFNS held. The LIFT program was amazing and very eye-opening! The atmosphere in the studio is incredible. Everyone comes in with a smiling face and always willing to help where it is needed. The staff connects to each client on a level that is beyond what is expected in the fitness industry. I can honestly say there wasn’t a day that I didn’t learn something new!" - Erica Z


"I came into the JWFNS internship with little to almost no experience beyond what I learned in the classroom and I thought I was going to feel completely overwhelmed and I could not have been more wrong. From the very first day I was introduced to a family that wanted to see me succeed and thrive in not just the fitness portion but in both nutrition and personal growth. While shadowing alongside Jim and all the other trainers, I was able to get hands on experience and truly test my knowledge every single day. During my internship I was also always immersed in current research revolving around fitness and nutrition trends. Another added plus to the internship was being able to take part in the ACSM prep course that is offered through JWFNS and then becoming ACSM certified. All in all, I left the internship with the skills, training, and experience that I needed and, in addition, a brand new personal training job with JWFNS!" - Bradley B

"Interning at JWFNS was one of the best learning experiences I’ve ever had. Being in that environment allowed me to apply the education from my undergraduate courses to real life situations. I loved learning about how diet and fitness work so well in conjunction and got to see first-hand success stories through Jim and his team. The people I was able to meet and get to know throughout the course of my internship was one of my favorite parts because I know I’ll have lasting relationships with them. I was introduced to all facets of the business (personal training, nutrition counseling, Medical Nutrition Therapy, corporate wellness, and the LIFT program). Being exposed to all of these different areas helped me decide what I’m really passionate about while also developing an appreciation and respect for all other components of health and fitness. My personal favorite branch of business was the Medical Nutrition Therapy. There are a lot of stereotypes that nutrition counseling with a Registered Dietitian is expensive and not available to the average person. However, MNT breaks down those assumptions by being accessible and accepting insurance. Specific to the Jim White team, I felt welcomed from my very first day and never felt like just another intern. These people really care about their community, which I loved to see specifically through their LIFT program that works with the homeless population in Hampton Roads. They dedicate their time and energy towards helping their neighbors, which helped me realize I want to work in a community where I can use my education and skills to help people in need build a better quality of life. Overall, this internship really helped enhance my learning by showing me different tools and outlets to use my knowledge. I’m so thankful to have met and learned from Jim and his team!" - Christine L. 

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