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July 1, 2014 | |


My fitness goals started with a desire to change how I felt physically and how I felt about myself. I started going to the gym at the recreation center, but with no real goals or plan other than wanting to change.

I met the Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studios staff, and they were responsive to the questions I had and receptive to my concerns. I liked the positive attitude I was greeted with when I came in… an attitude that advocated success. I determined that with a little motivation to begin with, personal training was the right approach to give me that “umph” I needed to really get the ball rolling. I came to the studio convinced that there were things I could not do, like running. Guidance and encouragement is what helped me break those barriers and with the JWFNS teamʼs guidance, I become a slimmer and prouder shadow of my former self. I have been given new guidelines for a healthier life, ones that I continually strive to maintain daily.

One year later, 35 pounds lighter, and 2 races finished, I find myself continuing a routine that JWFNS helped me establish and am now a recreational runner. The thing I was once convinced Iʼd never achieve, has been achieved… Iʼm training for my first half-marathon.