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March 6, 2018 | | Lifestyle

[Motherhood] Lessons Learned with a 9-Month Old

Motherhood is full of life lessons – some more amusing than others. Here are just a few take-away’s I’ve learned with a 9-month old:

  1. If you’re concerned that your child hasn’t pooped yet, put them in the tub. We’re currently on a 23 day streak.
  2. Never EVER make reference about how much your child is sleeping. They will immediately start waking up that very night just for the heck of it.
  3. If you think you’re past that projectile spit up stage, wear something really nice.
  4. Don’t waste money on toys. Instead, buy extra remotes, old cell phones and spatulas. But don’t put them in a convenient child-friendly space like a toy bin, put them where you would normally place those items (ie: the cabinet, your purse, etc).
  5. The dumber you look and sound, the funnier you’ll be in your child’s eyes.
  6. Is your child the happiest babe and smiling all the time? Schedule a surprise photo shoot for your husband and be prepared for a meltdown (see image above).
  7. Want to know what it’s like living with a Tasmanian devil? Try folding laundry with a 9-month old. It will take you twice as long and you’ll end up just waiting until they go to sleep.
  8. Oh, your baby hasn’t taken a nap? I got you. Drive to an important meeting so they can fall asleep 3 minutes before arriving.
  9. Keep snacks on hand at all times. They prevent 85% of public meltdowns..for now at least.
  10. Want your child to notice you? Sit down and look really comfortable.

What are some of your favorite motherhood moments?