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June 21, 2022 | | Nutrition

June | Recipes to Inspire Seasonal Eating

Blueberry French Toast PREP TIME 30 minutes + 8 hours chill time | COOK TIME 5 minutes | SERVES 8 NUTRITION 621 Calories | 31 g Fat | 68 g Carbs | 19 g Protein INGREDIENTS ● 12 slices white bread (preferably day old), crust removed ● 2 -  MORE...
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May 9, 2022 | | Nutrition

May | Recipes to Inspire Seasonal Eating

Blueberry Peach Chia Bowls PREP TIME 20 minutes | SERVES 1 NUTRITION | 278 Calories | 12.2 g Fat | 37 g Carbs | 9.3 g Protein INGREDIENTS ● 1⁄3 cup milk ● 2 tablespoons chia seeds ● 1⁄2 teaspoon honey ● 1⁄4 teaspoon vanil  MORE...
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April 8, 2022 | | Nutrition

April | Recipes to Inspire Seasonal Eating

Bacon and Broccoli Frittata Muffins PREP TIME 5 minutes | COOK TIME 20 minutes | SERVES 4 NUTRITION | 534 Calories | 30.1 g Fat | 26.7 g Carbs | 38.5 g Protein INGREDIENTS ● 6 Large Eggs ● 1⁄4 Cup heavy whipping cream ● 1 teasp  MORE...
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March 15, 2022 | | Nutrition

March | Recipes to Inspire Seasonal Eating

Mushroom  Crepes  with  Poached  Eggs PREP TIME 20 minutes | COOK TIME 40 minutes | SERVES 4 NUTRITION | 364 Calories | 18 g Fat | 34.7 g Carbs | 18 g Protein INGREDIENTS Crepes: ● 1 cup all purpose flour ● 2 large eggs ● 1⁄2  MORE...
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February 21, 2022 | | Nutrition

February | Recipes to Inspire Seasonal Eating

Make Ahead Breakfast Sandwiches With Veggies PREP TIME 5 minutes | COOK TIME 30 minutes | SERVES 4 NUTRITION | 420 Calories | 19 g Fat | 36 g Carbs | 26 g Protein INGREDIENTS ● 8 eggs ● 2 cups baby spinach and arugula mix ● 1 cup dice  MORE...
jim and krista white

Not gonna lie. Krista and I are total opposites. But hey, don’t opposites attract? They sure do in our case. I have always been a taskmaster, an organized, goal-oriented person. Krista, on the other hand? Not so much. Krista is a laid back, relaxed, go-with-the-flow type of person. While I follow a strict regimen of exercise and nutrition, she enjoys, let’s say, the sweeter things in life. (We like to call it “her stash.”) But what we do have in common is our love for food, fitness, life and each other.

It’s our mission to educate, inspire and motivate you to be the healthiest person you can be. Krista will be taking you into our kitchen where she has become quite the chef. She will share the recipes that help keep us fit… And will help you, too. I will teach you the nutrition side: what are the best foods to eat, why, and debunk a lot of myths out there. As a personal trainer for over 15 years, I can also teach you the best workouts to get a killer bod. It’s all about balance. We believe in it and we’ll show you how to stay healthy while balancing family, work, and fun.

For the first time we are opening up the doors of the White house. See how we train, cook, eat, how we have fun, and what we believe in. Welcome. It’s great to meet you!

Who is Jim? He is the Trainer. (ACSM HFS) The Dietitian. (Spokesman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics) The Business Owner. (Owner of Jim white Fitness & Nutrition Studios) The Philanthropist. (Founder of the Jim White Community Fitness Foundation) The Husband. (To his beautiful bride, Krista) The Athlete. (Runner, Bodybuilder) But most of all, he is Jim White Fitness. Over the past ten years, he has helped transform the lives of hundreds, spoken to thousands, and created media messages that reach millions including Men’s Fitness, Oxygen, GQ, Shape and more. With the accolades, he has been so busy over the last decade giving to his craft that he never really let anyone into his private life. Until now.

Krista did not always have a, shall we say, healthy lifestyle. She grew up quite happily in a Pop-Tarts-for-breakfast, weekends-we-don’t-cook, kind of household. Oh, the horror! Most of us can probably relate. But then meeting, dating, marrying and moving in with Jim changed everything. Eye-opening? To say the least. Krista knew she would have to find a way to satisfy her junk food craving while still being #JimWhiteApproved. She’s figured it out, has strategies to avoid getting “hangry,” and believes her experience can help others enjoy a fun way to live a healthy life. She also believes in the importance of having an indulgence every once in a while. She just doesn’t have to always tell Jim, right?