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August 13, 2019 | |

Alisha L

I saw a picture of myself that I didn’t recognize. I weighed myself and was shocked to find out that I was 218 pounds. I tried for several months on my own to make better choices, and was not getting the results I wanted. I invested in JWFNS, and the combination of the nutritional plan along with the consistent fitness routine has helped me get down to 175, and I’m on my way to my goal weight of 159. My trainer is a constant support even when I am not in the gym. The team’s method of consistent, realistic change has led me to embrace their motto of being, “really, truly fit.” The team coaches you to make true lifestyle changes and not just quick fixes for temporary results. Throughout the program, I have PR’d in two different half marathons and I look forward to accomplishing my first Half Iron Man in May! Thank you to the JWFNS team for changing my life!!