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July 1, 2014 | |


I came to JWFNS because I wanted to be competitive in triathlons and was not able to successfully drop my body fat even though I was working out four days a week and eating what I thought was a pretty “clean” diet. The JWFNS nutrition team provided insight into why my current diet was limiting my success and provided me with eating strategies that fit my lifestyle, were tasty and worked around my food allergy.

My JWFNS fitness coach provided the challenging-but-fun workouts to help drive fat loss while maintaining and building the muscle I needed to successfully compete. In just over six months I lost close to 20 pounds, reduced my body fat by 7 percent, dropped 3 dress sizes and competed in my first sprint triathlon, placing 5th in my age group!

My friends at work and those I have not seen in a while are all so complimentary of the transformation they see in my body and often comment on my arms! I could not be more thrilled with the genuine encouragement and support I have received from the JWFNS team. They are truly a group of professionals that thrive on the success of their clients and care about them as individuals. I am excited to discover what I am now capable of achieving and so thankful I made the decision to come to JWFNS!