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December 3, 2015 | |


I came to JWFNS because I was not getting the results I wanted by running alone. I knew that I wanted to be leaner, more muscular and focus more on healthy eating habits, and I wanted to make them all a priority. With the help of my awesome trainer, I have become so much stronger and leaner. I have definition in my arms, legs and abs! I run better, sleep better and overall feel so great that I cannot imagine NOT working out at JWFNS – in fact, I cut my half marathon time by 15 minutes! Nutrition was always something I thought I could do on my own, but I was totally wrong about that. Once I started meeting with the nutritionist, I was able to get a plan down that I can follow daily. More importantly, it is not complicated and it is easy to plan for the week without adding a lot of time in my schedule that I do not have. All in all, I am so happy to be at JWFNS! It has been such a bonus to my life! I HIGHLY recommend them!!