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July 1, 2014 | |


Growing up as a competitive gymnast, I understood fitness and nutrition from an early age – or so I thought. Along with poor food choices, I allowed myself to believe that the time demands of professional school and work took me away from regular exercise. I soon found myself in my mid 30s, 100+ pounds overweight and always tired and unhappy with how I looked.

After the birth of my daughter I realized that if I wanted to really become completely healthy I needed to take my fitness and nutrition to the next level. That’s when I turned to Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studios for the total package. Not only does JWFNS offer a very motivating and inspiring environment that continues to challenge me week after week, I was also given a customized nutrition program. Making the right food choices is really what makes the difference!

JWFNS also reintroduced me into competitive athletics through running, which I have found to be very fulfilling. Now that I am approaching my mid 40s, it is exciting to attain personal best times when 10 years ago I could not run up a flight of stairs. Thanks to the entire team at JWFNS for providing a customized nutrition plan, challenging workouts and the motivation and guidance to allow me to be in the best shape of my life. Not only have I lost 100 pounds, but am also training to run my first full marathon!