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December 19, 2020 | |

Cindy A

In 2004 I started running in races, going from being a terrible runner to a middle-of-the-pack race walker. I raced all over the country, completing several Ultras, with my longest distance being 50 miles.

In 2018, I learned I have a genetic condition with my feet which made race walking extremely painful. My racewalking days were over. To help with the pain, I went into boots (first one foot, then the other).

When I came out of the boots 6 months later, I had gained weight, lost muscle mass, and no longer had any balance or coordination. HELP!

I decided to try nutrition counseling to help with the weight. Almost 2 years later, and while my journey has been slow, it has been successful. I have lost over 40 pounds and 20 percent of my body fat. I bike, swim, and do strength training on a regular basis.

Jim White Fitness has made me an athlete in my own mind again and I am in better shape at 60 then I ever was when I was racing.