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July 1, 2014 | |


At age 17, I weighed 227 pounds and was gaining weight each month. I had a resting heartbeat of 99 and my blood pressure was not good in any way. I finally decided to see a personal trainer in an effort to improve my health and life. At first, I was so nervous that I skipped my first two consultations and I almost completely gave up on myself, but Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studios never gave up on me. They called repeated times until we finally met. I told my coach that I did not think I could even run a mile.

After a hard few months, the results began to show and I started to lose weight. At times, JWFNS gave me that extra boost of encouragement when I had a bad week or two. Nine months later, I had lost over 70 pounds and went from a size 42 pants to a 33. My resting heartbeat is now down to a 66 and my blood pressure has improved drastically. I am now the person that I have always wanted to be. I have kept the weight off and now I run cross-country for my school. I owe it all to the JWFNS staff at Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studios. Without their loving support and guidance, I could not have done it.