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July 1, 2014 | |


In August of 2011, I wanted to answer the question, “Can I change my cholesterol numbers on my own?” Having been a college athlete and blessed with a high metabolism, I’ve been in shape my whole life. But my doctor would have given my HDL and LDL numbers a grade of D. Next move? Combine a rigorous workout schedule with a specific diet . That led me to Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studios. Once my wife and I sat down with the team at JWFNS, we were on our way.

My goal was to hit it hard and get some blood work done in four months. Well, I was psyched when my numbers improved 25% and my new grade was a B. I’m now a firm believer that the primary focus should be what you eat. Of course, a strong weekly training program is added into the equation for success.

With Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studios, I achieved the results I was looking for. Special thanks to my loving wife Arleyne who does all the cooking!