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July 1, 2014 | |


After five years of inactivity due to a severe injury, I gained a ton of weight and lost all of my strength and stamina to the point of being exhausted just climbing a single flight of stairs. Then I committed to the Get Jim White Fit Accelerated Fitness Program.

From day one, I was put on to a customized nutrition program and quickly learned how essential it would be during the program. My trainer led by example through his expert knowledge of personal training. Quite simply, the guy is a superman of fitness! I was so incredibly happy with the variety of my training as well as his attention to detail and care of my leg during training. With smart warm ups, intense training and crucial stretching, I was flying high and on my way! He always encouraged me as I headed out the door to keep myself accountable in between sessions and I welcomed his text messages as he checked in with me. I felt like I had a JWFNS trainer with me 24-7.

Three months later, I’ve lost 14 pounds and am actively practicing martial arts again. I have completely changed my entire outlook on fitness and nutrition. I simply can’t thank you enough. JWFNS ROCKS!