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April 29, 2016 | |


“I hit my mid 40s and working out just wasn’t “working” anymore. I wasn’t overweight, but I was no longer fit. I was, sadly, looking more and more like a frumpy, middle­aged mom. I knew it wasn’t my workouts as I was still getting in four to five a week. It was my diet. I knew I needed an education and some accountability. While I have read plenty about nutrition and fitness, I didn’t have a nutrition ‘coach.’ Turns out that was exactly what I needed. JWFNS became my nutrition coach; I learned some very practicable alternatives to my unhealthy eating options. With a few minor nutrition tweaks, the weight came off. The additional fitness training burned the pounds off even more quickly. I am down twelve pounds and I look like I did a decade ago. Thanks to JWFNS, EVERY DAY, for getting me back into that string bikini, dress from ten years ago, and my ‘skinny jeans.’ I knew WE could do it.