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March 9, 2015 | |


I was never athletic and was petrified of the idea of working with a trainer and a Dietitian. I read a review online that said “Don’t walk. Run to Jim White Fitness and Nutrition Studios.” so I decided to give it a shot. I took it one day at a time, and I stayed for eight months.

I was instantly amazed at how much better I felt eating small, healthy meals frequently throughout the day. The nutrition part was also easy because the nutrition team takes their time and explains food choices and is always available to meet in person or by email or phone. I never felt I was dieting. My Fitness Coach was always sweet, tough, patient, persistent and supportive. In between sessions, she texted me workouts and motivations. She helped me get through Thanksgiving and Christmas without gaining weight.

In eight months at JWFNS, I lost 48 pounds and a whole bunch of bad habits and attitudes. I literally have never felt younger in my life. I’ve gotten off a lot of the meds I was taking and life is just better all the way around. This isn’t about dieting or losing weight; this is about learning to live a healthy lifestyle because that’s one result that lasts.

So, “Run. Don’t walk to JWFNS.”