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July 1, 2014 | |


I never thought of myself as the “fat chick.” I avoided mirrors and photographs and just imagined myself as the athlete that I used to be. I tried to forget that I could barely squeeze into a size 14 anymore. I was just careful about choosing my clothes so that I didn’t need to tuck in shirts, hiding my bulging waistline. In 2007, I had lost weight after running many miles every week. However, since my poor eating habits never changed, when I got bored with running, I quickly gained back all the weight I had lost plus another 10 pounds. After reading all of JWFNS’ success stories, I realized that their program could provide the motivation I needed to make a fresh start. In January 2009, I started their program at my highest weight of 187 pounds.

JWFNS unlocked the secret to healthy eating for me. By making a few tweaks in my food choices and eating five mini-meals per day instead of three large ones, I found that my junk food cravings went away.

As a lifelong “junk food junkie,” I couldn’t believe it when they actually went away! Not that I never eat junk food anymore, it’s just no longer a nightly event. The first 20 pounds seemed to melt away with me losing about two or three pounds per week. In addition to making better food choices, I do cardio three or four times per week and lift weights twice per week. I have lost 25 pounds total and am still working towards losing another 15. More importantly, I am confident that this time I will keep it off.