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July 1, 2014 | |


Before Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studios, I had pretty much given up on attaining a physique I was happy with. As a wife, mother of five children and business owner, I was constantly exhausted and never took the time to take care of myself. I lacked the self-confidence I wanted so badly. That changed after a friend told me about her success with JWFNS.

I was SO excited to get started on a plan that I just knew it would change my life. Don’t get me wrong — it was hard work and dedication… but my amazing coaches worked with me, encouraged me, pushed me and held me accountable (which is exactly what I needed) along this journey. In only a few short months my whole lifestyle has completely changed. My nutrition and eating habits are so much better — our whole family now eats healthier.

I have lost over 30 inches, 20 pounds and dropped three pant sizes. I feel healthier than I ever thought possible, and have gained a confidence I have never had. I now love to work out (and actually crave it on my days off) and love when challenged to my limits. I cannot thank JWFNS enough for their support and encouragement!