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January 16, 2020 | |

Melissa P

Imagine being fit for the majority of your life, a bodybuilding competitor who lived for health and fitness, and then one day, you find yourself in the morbidly obese category. You don’t recognize yourself anymore. It’s devastating.

I gained 65 pounds with pregnancy and struggled to lose the weight. I struggled with ups and downs for several years, and at one point I had gained a total of 127 pounds. This led to depression and feeling as if I would never get “me” back. I finally learned that pregnancy had triggered PCOS, a disease that affects weight loss. I was told by my doctor that I would never achieve a normal weight, even if I “lived” in the gym. This was discouraging and devastating to hear. Many times I wanted to completely give up.

In 2018 I began working with a former trainer who had helped me be a successful competitor prior to pregnancy. I managed to lose about 30 pounds. I was thrilled, but soon hit a plateau. The discouragement returned. Once again I thought, “This is as good as it gets.” I started gaining weight again! I was terrified that I would balloon up again. But then, one day in June of 2019, I found my missing link. I was referred to JWFNS for nutrition. That was the best decision I had made in a very long time! During the first visit, I felt immediate hope that I could achieve my goal of not only losing the remaining weight, but that I would compete again as a bodybuilder. My dietitian customized a meal plan that took into consideration my health issues and my goals. At JWFNS, they have been supportive, encouraging and motivating. They gave me the map. All I had to do was follow it. Under their expert guidance, I have lost almost 30 pounds, got back on stage, and have plans to compete with an even better physique in 2020. JWFNS helped me get “me” back.