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July 21, 2017 | |

Paul B

It’s been very close to a year since I got serious about changing my body and improving my health with JWFNS. While weight loss was a goal of mine, my major concern was to lower my high blood sugar, high triglycerides, and high cholesterol level. I had been living a sedentary lifestyle for well over a decade, and the weight gain and alarming blood test results were testaments to that couch-potato life. My doctor was concerned and said I needed to change things, especially with my family history of stroke and heart disease. It was after that doctor visit that I made up my mind to indeed “change things.” I knew what needed to change, but how was the question. One thing was for certain, I knew I couldn’t do it on my own; I tried in the past and failed. I knew to truly change things, I had to find a fitness studio that was just as dedicated at seeing me reach my goals as I was. I didn’t want just a membership to some box gym. I needed guidance, instruction and accountability. I met with several small gyms and finally decided on JWFNS. I chose JWFNS because of their one-on-one approach to both nutrition and exercise. It’s the kind of attention I needed and couldn’t find elsewhere. It’s amazing what you can do when you are determined and committed because, almost a year later, I am now 22 pounds lighter, have gained muscle, and have greatly improved my health. My blood sugar is well below the pre-diabetic level, my triglycerides have dropped an astonishing 185 points, and my cholesterol level has decreased by 34 points and no longer considered high. While I haven’t reached my long-range goals, I have definitely met my immediate ones. I feel so much better, and I‘ve noticed a tremendous decrease, if not complete elimination, in the lower back pain I was experiencing almost daily. No longer do I get winded when I climb a few flights of stairs; I feel comfortable again in my clothes; I can jog on the treadmill, not just walk. Thanks, JWFNS, for helping me find my healthy self and for showing me how to maintain a healthful way of living for life!