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July 1, 2014 | |


I was very excited when my daughter came to me with the challenge of working out together; although I had no idea that I would ever be able to keep up with the regimen of a college athlete! The REAL challenge, however, was that she didn’t just want to return to the gym — she wanted a “life style change” and a new approach to nutrition and healthy eating and cooking! I knew just where to go — Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studios!

JWFNS taught us how to completely overhaul our pantries and refrigerators; and provided us with a daily nutritional plan that was achievable and enjoyable. Thanks to JWFNS, I can honestly say that I am “hooked” on healthier eating; and have learned to incorporate my favorite sinful pleasures into a new nutritional lifestyle — a new habit! Although everyday is a work in progress, I actually find myself unconsciously eating and drinking differently!

I never believed that I could lose my “problem areas” and actually have muscle; but thanks to the JWFNS team’s encouragement and support, text messages, and emails — my daughter and I have both seen amazing results! I have miraculously lost 22 pounds, over 10 inches and gone down 4 dress sizes; and can’t imagine ever changing my new routine! I recently celebrated my 30th wedding anniversary and surprised my husband by wearing the dress I wore the night we got engaged. Thank you so much, JWFNS! You have helped to bring so much joy to our family!