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January 6, 2023 | |

Ryan A.

At first I was interested with just seeking nutritional help, but decided to also explore the personal training that was offered. After my first month, I already saw results, and as soon as I realized I was on the right track, I didn’t want to stop. What’s been so great about Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studios is that both my personal trainer and my nutritionist have basically been life coaches, setting goals and telling me how to meet them, while still holding me accountable for doing my part. I’ve been set up for success and taught how to keep it. Probably the best part about it is that I’ve enjoyed it the whole way, never feeling like I was “on a diet,” or that I was simply doing things that were “good for me.” It’s become a lifestyle, and I’ve learned that to look fit, you have to live fit, but that you can do that AND enjoy life without making yourself miserable. My body composition has changed, I’ve set new personal records in weightlifting, and I’m eager to keep going down this road. I will happily recommend Jim White to anyone, knowing that it was the best investment I ever made for myself, and that I got back everything I put into it.