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April 20, 2014 | |


My journey with the Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studios began in Spring of 2011. I was inspired by the JWFNS coaches’ lifestyle of practicing what they preach — they were dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle, maintaining a super clean diet and completing a daily exercise routine.

Ever since college, I had a problem abusing alcohol on the weekends. My JWFNS coach encouraged me to give up that vice, as it was holding me back from reaching my fitness goals. He helped me to get into the best shape of my life the summer of 2011. Unfortunately, that Fall, I suffered injuries that inhibited me from exercising consistently for a full year. But in 2013, JWFNS helped me get back to where I was before my injury and I’ve reached new heights of physical fitness. The nutrition plan, combined with training and ongoing encouragement, is a sure-fire way to accomplish whatever fitness goals you have.