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July 1, 2014 | |


I had always been the fat kid, the fat girl, the fat woman. It defined me and it was my excuse for anything in my life that didn’t work out. But as I dove into my late 30s, I was quickly approaching 300 pounds and feeling more and more terrible and self-conscious every day. I knew I was unhealthy but I was afraid to do anything about it… afraid I would fail, afraid I couldn’t stick to anything, and afraid of not being able to hide behind my fat anymore.

But seeing what the JWFNS team did for a friend of mine, I felt that maybe there was hope for me.

45 pounds later and countless inches lost, I amaze myself every day.  I’m not that fat kid anymore — I’m confident and strong and I feel great, inside and out. I actually believe in myself and my time here has really brought out the “real Stephanie” — the one that had been afraid to come out for 30 years. And I’m not even done yet.

So, thank you to the entire JWFNS team for helping me find confidence, strength and happiness where I never thought possible.  You truly have changed my life!