February 20, 2019 | |

MNT: Chris W., Virginia Beach

It’s been almost a year that I’ve been on the nutrition plan, and Jim tailors my plan around my goals. My first goal was to lose some weight. I was able to accomplish that and lower my body fat percentage significantly. My second goal was to run a marathon and get faster at running. I completed my first marathon in October of 2017. I have increased my half marathon Personal Record (PR) by over 5 minutes. I am getting faster all the time. I’m currently working on my third goal, which is to improve my physique, by adding more weights and gym time. My final goal is to compete in a Half Ironman (triathlon) in 2019. With Jim’s custom-tailored plan, in conjunction with my workouts, this is achievable! The nutrition plan is a lifestyle change and it’s something I can stick with.