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February 9, 2024 | |

Annie Mazuera

Annie first came into contact with exercise at 16 years old, at the time, she knew nothing about fitness. While she knew she was supposed to exercise, she did not know why. She continued on, with trial and error she slowly began learning the in’s and out’s. By the time Annie was 22 years old, she couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs without getting out of breath. Around that time, she started having chest pain regularly when she was trying to sleep. That’s when Annie decided to make a change. She felt stuck, but knew that if she started working out more intensely that the chest pain and breathlessness she felt would hopefully go away. Around that time, she discovered the idea of sustainable eating and a caloric deficit. Armed with that information, Annie went on to lose 90 lbs. From that point on, she threw herself into trying to gain more knowledge for the next 5 years and in 2023 she finally decided to go for her NASM personal trainer certification. Now Annie wants to help those around her with the education she has learned on the road of her fitness journey.