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April 10, 2016 | | Lifestyle


The latest Really, Truly Fit podcast is out and it’s a good one! Jim and Jess go off-the-cuff asking random fitness and nutrition related questions like who does Jim look to to get his fitness inspiration and advice from? What has been Jess’ biggest indulgence ever? And what is Jim’s biggest pet peeve when it comes to nutrition? You can listen to the full show below:

But as I listened, I realized Jess played it pretty safe with her questions while Jim asked some pretty embarrassing and personal questions. So I thought it was only fair to take those same questions Jim asked Jess and ask him myself because well…why would I not? So, without further ado:

What is the biggest indulgence you’ve ever had?

“I participated in an all-you-can-eat challenge and I ate 97 pieces of sushi. Yes, just under 100. I don’t know what it is about challenges, but I get really competitive.”

What is the most embarrassing thing to happen to you at a gym?

“I can’t believe I am admitting this but I was at a rec center and fell off the treadmill. I got a little bit too confident in my run and completely wiped out.” WHAT?! (laughing hysterically) Did you get hurt? “Well, yeah, my pride was severely bruised but I was luckily OK.”

What was your most motivating client’s success story ever?

“Oh wow, there are so many incredible stories over the last 10+ years! But the one that comes to mind right now is helping one of my clients battle through cancer. It was gut-wrenching. The emotions involved, ugh. It was incredible that she continued with training throughout her entire treatment process and entrusted in me as one of her health professionals. But she beat it, has been in remission for several years and is one of the healthiest people I know!”

When dating, did you look for someone that was ultra fit? And think very long and hard about this one…

“Is this a trick question? I’d say they always had to be fit and have a healthy mindset. Not obsessively fit, but fit. Most importantly, it was important for me to find someone that cared about their health and the importance of it. Luckily, I found all of that and more.”  You’re just trying to suck up so you don’t have to do dished tonight after dinner. It’s endearing and sweet, but it’s still your turn to wash the dishes, dear. So next question for you, what body part is your best attribute and the one you want to work most on?

“I would say that my best attribute is probably my back. We come from a long line of Slovak heritage – even my grandmother and aunts have large backs and shoulders. They won’t be reading this, right? And I’d say the body part I want to work on most is my calves. I have to work them three times per week, those suckers are hard to grow!”

Alright, Jimmy Jam, last and final question. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

“I went skydiving! I was so nervous but I always believe in conquering fears. Believe it or not, it was incredible and made me stronger. I mean, what else could be scarier than jumping out of a perfectly good airplane?”

There you have it, folks! Jim and Jess exposing some of their most embarrassing and most rewarding experiences. If you have specific questions you’d like for them to answer related to healthy and fitness, feel free submit your questions!