May 19, 2016 | |

What should I expect from my Medical Nutrition Therapy appointments?

During the initial consultation, your MNT Registered Dietitian (RD) will walk you through a health and nutrition questionnaire to gather information about your lifestyle and goals in coming to work with a dietitian. This takes approximately one hour. After the first session, you and your RD will schedule follow-up appointments based on your needs, check on your progress, and help coach you through goal setting as ongoing changes are needed in your nutrition goals and treatment plan. The practitioner evaluates your individual needs to develop a personalized, safe and effective nutrition and lifestyle program. This may look like a meal plan, education, nutrition resources, setting small goals to work towards bigger ones, or all of the above. Whatever your individualized journey looks like, our team of dietitians is here for knowledge and support, and will walk alongside you on your journey.