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November 26, 2015 | | Lifestyle

Give Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving!

2015 has been an incredible year – our amazing JWFNS team, a new studio, our LIFT program and inspiring Athletes, getting baptized, running to the White House (who does that?! we do), finishing my first half marathon and so much more.

Blog 1 - Give Thanks

While I am grateful each and every day for all of the incredible blessings in my life, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because it’s truly a time to count your blessings – it’s in the word itself, GIVE THANKS! Today, we have much to give our thanks to – and much of that gratitude we owe to YOU and is exactly why we’ve decided to start this little baby blog.

Jim has been blessed with many gifts but a few in particular are his drive & motivation and his ability to live a healthy lifestyle all the time (he talks the talk and walks that walk, baby!) – he’s literally a machine. He eats for fuel and rarely for pleasure, it was really foreign for me when we got married and still gets aggravating especially when I become hangry (hungry + angry = hangry, it’s a real life thing. And if you have a loved one suffering from hanger, do not pass go, do not collect $200 – get them food immediately and take cover). I’ve been blessed with the ability to lay off my go-to of pizza and whip him up some healthy meals – but it wasn’t always like that, I’m like fine wine, I’ve gotten better with age (at least on the cooking aspect). And for that, we are grateful, because we would likely starve had my culinary skills not improved.

Jim and I are total opposites. But hey, Paula Abdul said it best – opposites attract. Jim has a task list for his task lists. He’s overly organized, goal-oriented and a hard worker. I, on the other hand, am more laid back, relaxed and tend to go with the flow. Jim follows a strict regimen of exercise and nutrition and I like to enjoy the sweeter things in life (and Jim ALWAYS finds those sweeter things, too). But what we do have in common is our love for eachother, our faith, food, fitness and life.

Jim’s life mission is to educate, inspire and motivate each person he interacts with to become the healthiest they can be. I’m all of that but add in the flavor! I’ll be taking you into our kitchen where I’ve become quite the chef since getting married. I’ll be sharing recipes to keep you healthy but still feel like you’re indulging. Jim will be giving the reasons for WHY we should eat these particular foods, debunk much of the myths out there in the crazy dieting world (this will likely be the only time you see me use this word, it’s not in my vocabulary for many reasons), and share workouts to do from the comfort of your own home.

For the first time, we are opening up the doors to the White House. Learn how we train, eat, cook, create balance and have fun. Welcome, we’re looking forward to meeting you.


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