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September 21, 2022 | |

Taylor Barbour

Taylor was born and raised in Virginia Beach. She grew up playing sports and doing strength conditioning. Taylor has two boys that love to be active and outside! They love going to the beach together, walks, and playing games. Taylor is excited to be  MORE...
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August 18, 2022 | |

Allison Mansfield

Allison earned her master’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Bowling Green State University in Ohio. She believes that balanced nutrition is the key to long-term disease prevention and management, while also improving daily mental health and   MORE...
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July 27, 2022 | |

Jaison Wynne

Jaison graduated from Old Dominion University with a Bachelor's and Master's in Exercise Science and is currently in his final year as a Ph.D. student where he is currently studying applied kinesiology. He has experience working several jobs in the   MORE...
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May 6, 2022 | |

Ian Winter

Ian graduated from Virginia Tech with a BS in the Science of Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise. His own experiences in weightlifting led him to realize the importance of the role of nutrition in maximizing performance. This curiosity ended with the  MORE...
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April 7, 2022 | |

Blake Hill

Blake’s passion for sports and exercise developed at a very young age on the soccer field, and was honed in wrestling while he was in high school. His motto is to “grab the bull by the horns,” which to him means that if you say you’re going t  MORE...