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January 17, 2016 | | Fitness

Discover Your Fitness Identity

We've all heard of the saying "You are what you eat" but how about how you train too? How you choose to stay active can speak volumes about who you are and the results you will achieve. Exercise is more than just working out - it may be your way o  MORE...
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January 4, 2016 | | Fitness, Lifestyle, Nutrition

Resolution Revolution

Motivation: mōdəˈvāSH(ə)n/ the general desire or willingness of someone to do something. It's a new year! And time for a resolution revolution. Many of you are making resolutions and goals to become a better version of yourself...or you  MORE...
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December 21, 2015 | | Fitness, Lifestyle, Nutrition

Holiday Survival Guide

It's the most wonderful tiiiiiime of the year! (I hope that sounded better on your end 'cause ya'll certainly don't want to hear me screech a tune). But really, who doesn't love the holidays?! We sure do. But we also don't want you stepping on the sc  MORE...
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December 7, 2015 | | Fitness

Top Fitness Trends for the New Year

TREND: noun \ˈtrend\ : a general direction of change : a general development or change in a situation or in the way that people are behaving. FAD: noun \ˈfad\ : something (such as an interest or fashion) that is very popular for a short  MORE...
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November 30, 2015 | | Fitness, Lifestyle

Gift Guide for the Fitness Enthusiast

Each year we like to review our top fitness gifts for the holiday season and 2015 proved an exciting year for technology! When Jim first started his business 10 years ago, pedometers were just coming out.  Now those little step counters have a  MORE...